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Animal Management and Behavior Training LLC, is a positive reinforcement animal training company that specializes in dogs, cats and horses.

By: AMB TRAINGING | March 5, 2018

AMB Training: a positive reinforcement company


AMB Training provides you with the techniques to prevent, problem-solve and apply the skills needed for everyday, practical obedience. We give you a well-rounded understanding of what motivates your pet and insight into the learning theory - behind the species.?

Whether it is general obedience, socialization, counter-conditioning, behavior

modification, trick training, transitioning, or picking out the perfect-pet companion, AMB Training can help decipher, decode and translate your animal's behavior so that you can become your pet's most confident and compassionate owner.


Our years of experience with domestic and exotic animals, dogs, cats, horses, tropical fish, reptiles, birds and livestock, can help your production team to shoot animal scenes more efficiently and within budget.

?If your production is looking for an Animal Coordinator, Trainer/Wrangler/Supplier or Welfare Specialist experienced with special effects, CGI, stunts, hazards, camera-insert vehicles, pyrotechnics, costumes, makeup, aerials, rigging, actors, gunfire and saber fighting, rodeos, dog-fight simulations, battle scenes, horse racing, horse falls, livestock drawn wagons/carriages and river crossings, AMB Training has your production need covered.

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