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1 Million USD offer to current New Media Film Festival Grand Prize Winner - The Dark & The Wounded

By: New Media Film Festival | February 2, 2018

The Dark & The Wounded

We are ecstatic beyond words that James Picard, the 2017 Grand Prize winner at the 8th Annual New Media Film Festival Los Angeles was recently offered 1 Million USD for one of his paintings that is part of The Dark & the Wounded Series.

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"My series the Dark & The Wounded has always been about helping to create a positive change on the planet. It's about dealing with our issues as individuals, as a society and as a species on the planet. It's about understanding and healing, and looking at things we've been afraid to acknowledge. By facing our reality, getting past our fears and finding freedom, it creates an understanding and compassion for others. It is an invaluable and humbling quest I have been on and it's been wonderful to see it evolve into something that is creating such an incredible impact, awareness and definitive difference."
-James Pickard

Join us for the
9th Annual New Media Film Festival


Dates - Saturday & Sunday June 16-17, 2018
Venue - James Bridges Theater - Los Angeles CA
corner Sunset Blvd & Hilgard Ave.

- Producer Panel & Pitching - Sat. June 16 2018
- Indie Distributor Mixer - September 2018
- Free Actors Head shot drop off bin for active Casting Office during festival
- Success Stories Series - Coming Soon
- 3Donline & VR now in lobby all day Sun. 6-17-18

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