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Artistry in Motion

By: Black Hollywood Education & Resource Center | January 19, 2018

Artistry in Motion

Artistry in Motion seminars held by the BHERC targeted to students with strong interests in art, computer graphics, and animation. Artistry in Motion seminars Seminars covered methods of developing animation storyboards and the production of current animated commercials, television shows, and film and music videos.

Artistry seminars are designed to introduce middle and high school students to the magical world of animation and the diverse opportunities behind the scenes in animation.

The Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center, a nonprofit, public benefit organization, is designed to advocate, educate, research, develop, and preserve the history, and the future, of blacks in the film and television industries.

In 1996, the Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center was founded by Sandra Evers-Manly to remove the veil of invisibility that shrouds African Americans and other diverse groups from the main stage, and to spotlight diversity and the stellar contributions of black film and television artists who brought dignity and professionalism to even the most menial of roles.

The BHERC strives to highlight the important roles that blacks have played, and continue to play, in film and television. To that end, the BHERC annually celebrates and promotes black history and culture through a series of annual film festivals. The festivals showcase the richness and power of young filmmakers who will lead the struggle for positive and quality black films in the new Millennium.

Feel free to contact us at the following:

Phone: (310) 284-3170
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24-hour Hotline: (323) 957-4656.

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Black Hollywood Education & Resource Center
1875 Century Park East, Suite 6th floor
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