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IFR Epic Velour 25 oz. - $17.50 / yd

By: Fred Krieger Fabrics | January 17, 2018

IFR Epic Velour 25 oz. - $17.50 / yd

Fred Krieger Fabrics specializes in theater fabrics. We are a textile converter providing a wide range of drapery fabrics primarily to the theatrical, stage, and scenery markets and for commercial window treatments. Our customers use our fabrics for installations in school and university auditoriums, classrooms, and dormitories; theaters; houses of worship; arenas; cinemas; and more.

We are a prominent supplier of flame retardant (FR or IFR) fabrics. We have a full line of FR cotton and IFR synthetic velvets and velours. We are the primary manufacturer and supplier of Prism Velour, Doral Opaque, Nassau Chevron, IFR Chevron, and Atlas Oxford. We also supply many other fabrics including Encore Velour, Duvetyne, Commando, Linings, Scrim, Leno, and Muslin. Our fabrics are used for Theater Curtains, Theater Drapery, Theater Fabric, Stage Fabric, Stage Curtains, Stage Drapery, Blackout Drapes, Window Treatments and more.

Industry News Image
Industry News Image

25 oz. IFR Epic Velour
Epic is currently stocked in three colors: Black, Red, and Navy.

Orders ship same or next
day upon receipt of order.
$17.50 / yd.

If you have not yet received our color cards, please let us know. Never a charge for sample cards.

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