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SpaceCam: A Division of C/L Enterprises

By: SpaceCam | Chapman Leonard | January 8, 2018

SpaceCam: A Division of C/L Enterprises

Two major innovators in the camera world, C/L Enterprises Inc. ("C/L") and SpaceCam Systems Inc. ("SpaceCam"), have merged to become an unstoppable force in the industry.

In order to compete with the dynamics of the film industry, Charles Leonard Huenergardt, grandson of Leonard Chapman (owner and mastermind behind Chapman-Leonard Studio Equipment, Inc.), sought to broaden the limits of where a camera can go and how it can move.

Through the acquisition of SpaceCam, both companies are able to continue innovation on a larger scale for the film industry and bring the visionaries to life in a higher quality and more efficient manner.

Started by Ron Goodman in 1989, SpaceCam is the product of Goodman's commitment to establish the best gyro-stabilized cinematography in the field. Goodman's work has contributed to the production of leading blockbusters including, Star Wars, Superman, Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy. His outstanding endeavors with SpaceCam garnered him an Academy Award for Scientific and Engineering Achievement.

The result of this merger will enhance developments on the Maximus 7 and boost the existing C/L technology to new heights. Huenergardt is extremely excited to have Goodman and the SpaceCam team on board at C/L and looks forward to the indefinite possibilities.

From here forward, we would like to introduce, "C/L Remotes Powered by SpaceCam: A Division of C/L Enterprises."

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