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Get Your Business Involved with the Hollywood Chanber of Commerce

By: Hollywood Chamber of Commerce | November 11, 2017

Get Your Business Involved with the Hollywood Chanber of Commerce

Approximately 24 times a year, the Chamber inducts a celebrity into the internationally renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is broadcast LIVE around the globe. As the originator of the Walk of Fame, the Chamber has administered it on behalf of the City of Los Angeles for more than 50 years. Created as a marketing attraction for the community, the Hollywood Walk of Fame has become one of the most successful marketing ideas ever devised by a chamber of commerce.

However, the activities of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce go far beyond the Walk of Fame. We are a business organization working to make Hollywood a better community for both businesses and residents.

We work to create a strong economy by helping businesses in their dealings with the public sector. Whether it is a large company or a small business, we are there to assist in resolving the issues that affect their ability to conduct business.

We work to promote the community, not just through the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but through numerous other activities, such as Hollywood Expo that provides Southern Californians an opportunity to visit Hollywood and take advantage of great offers. We pitch Hollywood stories to the press all year, but especially at our Awards Media Information Center, that we staff during the week prior to the Academy Awards.

We provide great networking opportunities through our Business After Hours Mixers, our Speed Leads, our President's Luncheons and numerous educational seminars such as our monthly Tech101 Series.

We represent the interests of business with government, by speaking out at numerous hearings, writing letters and lobbying on issues that impact our businesses and by making trips to Washington, D.C. and Sacramento. We monitor the status of important legislative initiatives and keep our members informed on how they can make a difference.

We give back to the community through our Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation that has given out more than $750,000 to Hollywood nonprofit groups since it was formed.

This is a great organization with which to be involved. Find out for yourself by exploring our website and learning about the many activities of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

Leron Gubler
President & CEO
Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

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