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Have a Trade Show in a Foreign Country?

By: PACKAIR | November 1, 2017

Have a Trade Show in a Foreign Country?

Packair is providing ATA Carnet Service and serving globally and helping in smooth trading of goods internationally. If you're participating in an international trade show or you're lending artifacts for display or exhibition, then you have the opportunity to utilize an ATA Carnet. Packair Airfreight is an ATA Carnet Distribution Center located in Los Angeles, CA. To get some more information about ATA Carnets, please read Packair's ATA Carnet FAQ's.

Packair's unique service professionals can cater a Carnet to fit your project requirements. Anytime you are temporarily shipping goods, equipment or merchandise out of a country that later returns to that country in its original form, then an ATA Carnet Service (cargo passport) will help you. Get the Best ATA Carnet Rates with Packair - Trust Packair's ATA Carnet Los Angeles Service.

Top 5 Reasons to Get an ATA Carnet Service:

Save time, because an ATA Carnet will facilitate smooth customs clearances.

Save money, because you won't have to pay duties and import taxes on goods that will be re-exported within 12 months.

An ATA Carnet is accepted in 83 countries and Packair provides same day ATA Carnet Preparation Service.

At Packair our normal turnaround time in preparing, processing, and obtaining Carnet is 48 hours. However, we do urgent ATA Carnet preparation service so your merchandise is prepared, processed and registered within one day!

We guarantee that you'll have your ATA Carnet in your hand within 24 hours as long as your documents can be submitted to the U.S. Council before 2 PM.

Packair provides ATA Carnet Los Angeles Service for those in the film industry-camera and grip equipment, wardrobe, etc., for animal actors, for companies sending equipment to trade shows, museums shipping art on short-term loan, car enthusiasts, and much more.

What is an ATA Carnet?

An ATA Carnet is an international import-export customs document. Commonly known as Merchandise Passport or Passport for Goods, carnets simplify the customs process and exempt you from paying duties and taxes on temporary import-exports. Carnets last up to 12 months and cannot be extended, but may be re-applied for. They do not exempt you from obtaining necessary permits and licenses.

There are two types of ATA Carnets, The ATA Carnet Company applies to 84 countries and territories worldwide, while the TECRO/AIT Carnet applies only to Taiwan. They both function similarly, and an ATA Carnet may also accompany merchandise that passes through other countries in addition to Taiwan.

Nearly all goods are covered by carnets. Examples include professional equipment, commercial samples, and goods for fairs and exhibitions, as well as ordinary goods such as jewelry, apparel, and automobiles. Carnets also cover a range of unusual goods such as priceless paintings, yachts, and satellites.

What does an ATA Carnet not apply to?

Consumable items (such as food or agricultural products), disposables, postal traffic, explosives, and goods subject to repair.

Goods intended for sale. If some of the goods are sold, carnets are subject to a penalty fee - the total payment of duties and taxes for the sold goods plus an additional 10% a number of duties and taxes.

The benefits of using ATA Carnet revolve around the fact that they save a lot of time, money, paperwork, and effort in the customs process. ATA Carnets are a single document and last up to 12 months. They eliminate taxes, duties, and temporary importation bonds (TIBs).
Payment is in US dollars and the paperwork is in English. Entering and re-entering countries with your goods is exceptionally easy and hassle-free when you have carnets for your items and stay within the guidelines of how they are intended to be used.

Don't hesitate to contact Packair to find out if your shipment qualifies and if the country you'll be visiting is a Carnet participating country. Our ATA Carnet Preparation Service Agents are on standby to serve you… Click here to get an ATA Carnet Service and Carnet Rates.

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