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Action Picture Cars expands their Classic Cars collection for your next production!

By: Action Picture Cars | October 31, 2017

Action Picture Cars expands their Classic Cars collection!

We rent Vintage or Classic Cars including a beautiful 1947 Ford Convertible. High-end Exotic cars including a Rolls Royce Phantom, and 1973 DeTomaso Pantera.

We have Damaged vehicles and units to explode, flood or destroy.

We also rent Motorcycles , Off-road motorcycles and ATV's,

If we don't have the vehicle or unit the production company is looking for we can help find it.

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Have a vehicle and need a twin...? We provide matching vehicles if needed as well.

We've enlisted family members to help out with the increased demand of whole and damaged vehicles.

Howard Brown & Sons and Action Picture Cars is family owned car business since 1980 with
a studio division since 1997. Over 35 Years in the Business and celebrating 20 years in the entertainment industry.

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Call us: (818) 767-2355 / (818) 767-2121

We can provide transportation, handlers and background drivers and more for:
Print Work and
Special Events

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We just rented a vehicle for a Halloween event! Cars can be the perfect Prop to welcome guest for upcoming Holiday Events and Parties.

Come in and meet the family and puruse the facility... We'll rent that out, too!

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Our recent jobs include:
The Mick
Grays Anatomy
Law and Order
True Crimes
Lup Sync Battle
Hush Makeup
Vanity Fair Magazine
For Fox
Warner Brothers

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