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Tank One Studios rises to the top for Underwater Production

By: Tank One Studios | September 14, 2017

Tank One Studios rises to the top for Underwater Production

Tank One Studios has updated their filtration and heating system with new all new filters and heaters to help insure productions have the best, safest and cleanest environment to shoot their underwater sequences.

New at Tank One Studios: Large interior shooting stage. Our former helicopter hangar has been opened up and cleared out to accommodate interior shoots/set builds or other production requests. We have new exterior facility lights and also new stainless steel in water divers/talent platform for entering/exiting the water.

Tank One is a 233,000 gallon water tank (within the LA 30-Mile Studio Zone) built specifically for underwater: motion picture, TV, music video, print and commercial production. Since 1998 Tank One Studios has been at the forefront of underwater production, providing a controlled environment to film all water, river, lake and ocean scenes for the entertainment industry. Tank One is production friendly and has the facilities and experience to assist you in meeting all of your creative and budgetary goals.

Contact us at (323) 385-6650

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