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Despite State Filming Competition, SCV Collaborates

By: A Rancho Deluxe | September 7, 2017

Despite State Filming Competition, SCV Collaborates

It's a competitive industry, but for at least the studios and movie ranches in Santa Clarita, there is an informal, collaborative atmosphere in place.

"It's best if we keep the business in Santa Clarita," said Steve Arklin of A Rancho Deluxe.

It's not just the formal film locations that benefit - a whole host of other businesses profit, he said.

Count among those the firms that are in the business - but also the rental companies, gas stations, hotels, hardware stores, restaurants and more.

Michael DeLorenzo of Santa Clarita Studios has sent over quite a few productions through the years.

"He sent 'Heroes' over to us once," Arklin said. "They liked the heavy wooded areas we had, so they could find a dead body in the brush."

Arklin's movie ranch sits next door to another ranch used for filming. The two ranches cover some 600 acres of outdoor property that offer a variety of backdrops.

Together the two ranches even refer business to each other depending on the needs of the production company, film bookings and setting, according to Derek Hunt of Rancho Maria & Sable Ranch.

It was Hunt that convinced Arklin to promote both their properties for filming.

He'd been so busy, he said, and he hated to turn down business and watch them leave the Santa Clarita Valley.

Today the two men work together to support the weekly productions that arrive to film on the respective movie ranches.

Referrals are just part of the local business climate, said Karen Bryden with Avenue Scott
Stages. While each studio or movie ranch is independently owned, the business owners support the industry as a whole, and that's one of the reasons why the community is so film-friendly, she said.

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Although the film industry is competitive, Santa Clarita movie ranches and studios work with each other. Above, a house used for filming at A Rancho Deluxe.

"It keeps the economy strong. If our stages are full, we refer to other movie ranches or studios in the area," said Daniel Veluzat with Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch.

Santa Clarita Studios referred "Justified" to the ranch because the story, set in Kentucky, needed dirt fields, open roads and a log cabin. The production shot some local scenes at the Veluzat ranch, he said.

The movie ranch has also sent production companies over to the 890-acre Golden Oak Ranch, owned by Disney and ABC Studios. And Disney has been working quite a bit at the Veluzat movie ranch, he said.

Santa Clarita's advantage is that it has various looks throughout the region, Arklin said. A production company can find lakes, woods, waterfalls, open barren ranges, hills, flat lands - you name it.

"One year you could be working for a show at Paramount, but five years later, you could be working for a show at Disney," said Adam Gilbert, director of corporate real estate for Disney. "There's a much more holistic look. From afar, people think it's competitive like a sports team, but it's really not. As the industry grows in Santa Clarita, we realize it's better for everybody."

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