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Pacific Motion Control's Beautiful Multi-Stage Motion Control Slider Time-Lapse

By: Pacific Motion Control | July 27, 2017

Pacific Motion Control\'s Beautiful Multi-Stage Motion Control Slider Time-Lapse

This very nice time-lapse shot was shot with a multi-stage motion control slider (linear mover) and the Talon pan/tilt head from Pacific Motion Control. The head was used as a repeat head and controlled by the Talon controller. The slider was controlled by our stepper speed controller. While this wasn't truly a motion control shot, in that the head and slider were not controlled by the same system and would not have repeated together, the shot only called for precise movement and this was a low cost and simple option. The DP for the shot, Dallas Sterling, is a fantastic DP who is very familiar with our equipment and just needed a simple system for this shot. We were happy to help. A Canon DSLR was used for the shot, and the zoom was accomplished in post.


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