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Empire Cleaning Supply is Ready to Service your Production!

By: Empire | April 21, 2017

Empire Cleaning Supply is Ready to Service your Production!

Empire Cleaning Supply has been servicing production houses for decades. We're the number one source for all your cleaning and janitorial needs - and we can even train your staff on the latest cleaning technologies in our new Empire Cleaning Academy class room.

Give us a call, we even have warehouses and lots available for your shoots at


Miscellaneous Spring Cleaning Tips:

- Remove light fixtures and wash them carefully with an all-purpose cleaner and water.
- Clean and disinfect all trash cans.
- Replace batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
- Clean out any refrigerators, throwing away expired food and wiping down all surfaces with soap and water.
- Sweep and mop underneath refrigerators and dust the coils. Note: Make sure it is unplugged while doing so!
- Clean the microwave, inside and out and also any dishwasher.
- Clean and disinfect the coffee maker and any small appliances.
- Replace and air/furnace filters.
- Vacuum and scrub all doormats. Replace as needed.

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