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Tejon Ranch used for filming Melissa McCarthy KIA commercial!

By: Tejon Ranch | March 14, 2017

Tejon Ranch used for filming Melissa McCarthy KIA commercial!

Big congrats to the Tejon Ranch Film Department for such a big win during the big game. As you may have seen by now, she gets flung from a boat by a whale, chopped from a giant tree, plummets through a crack in the ice caps, and rammed by a rhino as an eco-warrior (at Tejon Ranch) as she hilariously tries to save the world.

Tejon Ranch is approximately 420 square miles of rolling hills, mountain vistas, lone trees, private paved roads, wide open spaces without power lines visible.

Paved roads including straight with wide open space, S curves, tree lined; approximately 13 miles behind locked gate. Tejon Ranch also offers two auto pads, cattle and horses, pastures, fields, large boulders, barns, oak trees, white fencing. Streams and wildflowers are seasonally available. Full-service film department. One hour north of Los Angeles.

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For more info on how to film at Tejon, please contact us here (661) 248-6890.

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