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Boho Chic Theme with Raj Tents

By: Raj Tents | March 14, 2017

Boho Chic Theme with Raj Tents

Set Decorating with Raj Tents

Boho Chic is a theme that is in vogue right now - the eclectic mix of Hippie, Nomad and Gypsy that draws on different ethnic qualities in an effortless way.

It is very accessible, as everyone can relate to something, and provides lots of dramatic visual interest. Boho Chic can be a riot of color or be more austere and restrained. It will always include something unexpected and is a great way to meld modern and vintage elements.

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Raj Tents extensive inventory lends itself well to the Boho Vibe and we know how to turn the dial that way. Boho is a great example of a familiar contradiction in design - it can take more intention and planning to make something look casually thrown together.

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We are constantly developing our inventory at Raj Tents, with new colors, themes and styles. Please check our Film and TV page for information on our services and while you are on our web site - check our themes pages for ideas. Some new additions are Safari Chic, Old Hollywood and Alice in Wonderland. If we don't have what you are looking for in our inventory our Custom Shop can help.

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