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Glendale Studios Redefines Studio Service

By: Steve Makhanian | October 15, 2011

Less than ten miles from Downtown LA, Hollywood, Studio City and all major production locals, Glendale Studios is a unique studio that merges the resources and convenience of a full service studio with the one-to-one, friendliness and versatility of your buddy's location.

From the first moment you enter the gates you can sense the energy of this vibrant creative space, bustling as television and film crews move like a well oiled machine. With all of Glendale Studios resources being on the lot of a small studio there is the sense that on this lot, things get done. And, this makes sense from an efficiency standpoint. Just the proximity of everything equates to less wasted time. It is not uncommon to see Vice President of Glendale Studios, Steve Makhanian personally double checking to insure productions have everything they need. In his words, "We care about what winds up on the screen but, more importantly, we care about our customers experience while they are on our lot."

Family owned and operated since it first opened its doors in 1985 Glendale Studios is the first choice for those "in the know" because it has all the amenities to meet the demands of big production houses while being versatile enough to accommodate smaller independent, digital, and speck productions.

Three audience rated soundstages of varying sizes, complete with light grids, control rooms, dressing rooms, Make-up/hair, wardrobe, lunchrooms, rehearsal space, production offices and bungalows make Glendale as versatile as a large studio but without the bureaucracy and hassle typically associated with a lot of this caliber.

The soundstages are three sizes: 7000 sq ft, 4000 sq ft, and 2000 sq ft. The large 7000 sq ft stage has a complete control room and satellite uplink. The medium sized stage has a 20 ft tall 30X40 ft wide 2 wall CYC that can be converted easily to 3 walls by utilizing one of three fully stocked on-site grip trucks. The smallest 2000 sq ft stage is ideal for digital production and has it's own self contained dressing rooms, hair/makeup room, bathrooms and lunch room. With an on site satellite uplink, the studio is perfectly suited for live shows and is already the home to the Direct Shopping Network that is live on the air every day.

With all of it's resources, Glendale Studios can bundle production equipment and services reducing the cost and hassle of running all over town.

It's no wonder Glendale Studios is the home to Direct Shopping Network, Pat Sajak Productions, Gilbert & Seligman Production Group as well as many others, Glendale Studios continues to be the studio of choice once for pros who want their productions to have the best results end up on the screen.

For more information contact: Steve Makhanian (818) 550-6000 Twitter - @glendale_studio

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