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ANIMAL CASTING - ATLANTA current project

By: Animal Casting Atlanta | March 1, 2017

ANIMAL CASTING - ATLANTA current projects!

ANIMAL CASTING - ATLANTA with Greg and Carol Tresan is busy, busy, busy these days working on productions such as "Hidden Figures", "Stranger Things", "Rings", "Fist Fight" and "Office Christmas Party" while also hosting endless casting calls for your animals "walk on" part.

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Specializing in performance dogs, cats and other domestics for film, television commercials, music videos, and print. Over 20 years of professional handling experience and more than 2,000 animals nationwide.With over 30 years in the business, Animal Casting Atlanta is the #1 provider of animal talent and trainers for television and feature films in the South East. Trainers and coordinators specializing in performance dogs, cats, horses and farm animals.
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