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By: Debbie McNeeley | October 14, 2011

With the onset of the "Vampire" craze, the Wolves at Steve Martins Working Wildlife have been getting a lot of attention lately! They have Timber Wolves, Arctic & Black Wolves. In some cases they darken them to make them look more mysterious for these "scary" roles. Most of the Wolves can work together in a pack because they were all raised together and like to run and chase each other.

At first glance and from a distance, they look like Big Dogs. As you get closer, you see how big they actually can get , over 3 feet tall. When they do a trained "snarl", those teeth will scare even a vampire.

Most recently they have appeared on episodes of "Vampire Diaries" & "True Blood". Now they are getting ready to film a Feature in December.

To see all of the "Movie Star" animals at Steve Martins Working Wildllife, log on to

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