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Lighting Lens Replacements at LIGHTS! ACTION! COMPANY.

By: LIGHTS! ACTION! COMPANY! | February 23, 2017

Lighting Lens Replacements at LIGHTS! ACTION! COMPANY.

We have ARRI 2-PC Lens Sets! Our MAX-OUT Safety Lenses are made of quality Borosilicate glass materials, sustains high heat temperatures, thermal shock resistance, low glass expansion and Safety UV Blocking. We carry a complete stock of all diameters in our inventory.

18/12k HMI & 24/20k Tungsten Fresnel Lenses! 4 and 5pc HMI Par Lenses suitable for most Fixtures. Fresnel - Wide, Super - Wide - Medium - Narrow Spot. 1200w-2.5k-4k-6k-12k HMI Pars. "Maxi" Safety Lenses for HMI Par Fixtures! High quality Borosilicate Glass materials providing exceptional High Heat Tolerances, Low Glass Expansion, Thermal Shock Resistance and Mechanical Stresses.

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