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WonderWorks ™ Celebrates 33 1/3 Years With It's Own "Space" Program

By: Eilish Sacks | October 13, 2011

WonderWorks Inc. has been celebrating its 33 1/3rd year since May of 2011, by providing professionals the resources needed to recreate the Space Program during this exciting but challenging time for the industry.

President "Brick" Price stated, "The past couple of years have been amazing and surprisingly busy for us given the economy. The stimulus for us seems to have been the end of the Shuttle era and beginning of the new Space Program and replacement for the old Shuttle.

As a result of increased rental traffic for our Space Shuttle Cockpit we are building a second unit and a half Cockpit for media use. We delivered our shuttle molds to G&D Fiberglass in Burbank to make the outer fuselage sections.

Traffic has increased such that we have added a 7,500 square foot facility in Chatsworth near the Train Station.

"It's exciting too because we are nearing completion on our third space flight simulator this year alone. They represent NASA's new CEV/ Orion Capsule and Altair Lunar Lander. Shop Supervisor Eamonn Price and I first developed this system for the UK reality show titled Space Cadets (Endemol) in 2005. That one was 45 feet long, 15 feet wide and 10 feet tall and ran for 10 continuous days without a flaw. The people believed they were actually in space." (You can see the show on YouTube at ) Since then, we have been continuously upgrading and refining the design."

About WonderWorks:
WonderWorks Inc. has built/rented Apollo, Mercury, Gemini, Shuttle and now CEV - Orion space craft and/or space suits for every major film that features real space in the past 33 1/3 years. These include Apollo 18, Apollo 13, Transformers, Space Cowboys, Star Trek, etc. See their Movie Credits for more. Many of their rentals use real space flight hardware modified to be user friendly for production companies. As such, technicians or special equipment are not needed on location. The company is so respected that it is even listed on NASA's own web site as a preferred vendor of replicas. WonderWorks inc. ™ currently has spacecraft and space suit rentals for every American manned spacecraft. They can also produce fantasy spacecraft using their extensive mold collection and shop capability.

Brick Price - Owner/ President
WonderWorks Inc.
www.wonderworksweb.com7231 Remmet Ave.
Canoga Park, Calif. 91303 USA

1.818.992.8811 Ph. 24/7
Please leave message if no answer.
1.818.347.4330 Fax

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