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Shot at Line 204

By: Line 204 | January 9, 2017

Shot at Line 204

Shot on our West Stage

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"We have a female protagonist that has a belly, crazy hair...thinking about my two god-daughters, what women must go through at such a young age of being ashamed of their body."

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Justin Timberlake ('Trolls') is joined by 5 fellow songwriters for The Hollywood Reporter's Songwriter 2017 Oscars Roundtable including John Legend ('La La Land'), Pharrell Williams ('Hidden Figures'), Tori Amos ('Audie & Daisy'), Alicia Keys ('Queen of Katwe'), and Sting ('Jim: The James Foley Story').

The Hollywood Reporter's 2017 Oscars Roundtable season has premiered! Subscribe so you don't miss an episodes of 'Close Up' and tune in February for the FULL Songwriters Roundtable.

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