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The Imperial Art Studios: Raw Warehouse Spaces

By: The Imperial Art Studio | December 27, 2016

The Imperial Art Studios: Raw Warehouse Spaces

Welcome to Imperial Art Studios! We specialize in providing raw Warehouse Spaces for Filming, Photography, and Special Events. We also have several secure and unique locations that can be utilized for Prop/Set Design, Installations Builds, Pop-Up Parties, Festivals, Non-Profit Functions and Fundraisers, Art Galleries, Temp Controlled Storage and all other creative needs.

Our proven track record of providing immaculate service to those who do business with Imperial Arts speaks for itself, having played host to big budget feature films and large scale festivals, no project is too big or small for Imperial.
We have a growing inventory of over two dozen optimal locations across the Los Angeles area and continue to expand on a regular basis to help fulfill the needs of creative communities everywhere. So thanks for checking us out for your unique location needs, give us a shout, we'd love to hear from you and can't wait to do business.

Julio Hechavarria Jr. & The Imperial Arts Team

Julio Hechavarria Jr.

Chris McQueen

Dana Vancor

Damaritz Patty Sierra

Eric Spivak

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