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Bexel's Most Notable Milestones

By: Bexel | October 12, 2016

Bexel\'s Most Notable Milestones

Take a look at Bexel's history as we journey through some of the company's most notable milestones.

Bexel Global Broadcast Solutions expertly delivers unparalleled production services and the latest in broadcast technologies for a comprehensive range of cutting-edge equipment, leading systems integration, and new and used product sales. Since 1981, Bexel Global's world-class engineering has helped broadcast some of the most important events to a global audience. This year, Bexel Global celebrates 35 years of broadcast excellence. Throughout its history, Bexel Global has successfully enhanced and evolved the media production experience, with the commitment to masterfully service an array of customer needs.
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Meet Clear-Com FreeSpeak II - the next generation in distributed wireless technology

FreeSpeak II is the latest wireless intercom solution that operates on multiple, worldwide, license-free frequency bands, 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz. The system was designed to meet the requirements of large scale live events, broadcast, and sports productions by delivering expansive coverage.

We are proud to offer customized packages that fit your production needs, including kits that contain 25+ belt-packs.

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