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By: STUFFT | September 23, 2016


STUFFT! your new supplier for the common and the less common expendables and softbags.

Form follows function.

STUFFT specialty bags are reinventing the way you work, through rationalization of workflow, functionality and unique balance options.Our experience in the movie business has led us to believe that time is of the essence; and precision and reliability will make your job a lot easier.

Discover the advantages of STUFFT products. Inspire us and let us inspire you. STUFFT is working closely with it's customers to constantly evolve its products to better serve you. Creating custom bags to fit your very personal ultimate needs is just one more thing we love to do.STUFFT merges German Design and Craftsmenship with production in the USA.

STUFFT is located conveniantly in the heart of the new media center in Burbank, California.

Stufft Products
1021 N.Lake street
Burbank, CA 91502

Call us (818) 861-4634
(818) 471-7150

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