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4 Hearts Studios Upgrades Hospital Standing Set

By: 4 Hearts Studio | September 9, 2016

4 Hearts Studios Upgrades Hospital Standing Set

LOS ANGELES, CA - 4 Hearts Studios, announces the availability of a newly updated hospital standing set with real working medical equipment.

Co-owner of 4 Hearts Studios Ci Ci Foster said: "Our hospital standing set was already of a high standard, but we felt it was necessary to make some improvements and uphold our mission to help students and indie film makers raise their production value without breaking the bank."

4 Hearts Studios offers a vast array of standing sets possibly allowing productions to film their entire project in one location, thus eliminating the need for a pricy company move. A number of standing sets are available for rental including: classroom, interrogation room, operating room/hospital room, executive office, bar, and jail.

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With rates starting as low as $55 per hour, clients can produce high quality films without burning a hole in their production budget. One customer said: "This studio is perfect for the Indie Filmmaker. The price is right and the service is outstanding!"

4 Hearts Studios standing sets are available 24 hours a day to accommodate client's filming needs.

To schedule a tour please call 818-605-9965 or visit:

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