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About 2Springs Ranch in Fillmore, California!

By: 2Springs Ranch | September 2, 2016

About 2Springs Ranch in Fillmore, California!

Located in Fillmore, California, 2 Springs Ranch is a privately-owned filming ranch of 1000 acres of gorgeous land -- most of which has been untouched. We are conveniently located within the studio zone. We offer a wide variety of film locations, ranging from flat meadows, to valleys and plateaus, to rugged mountain-sides and dry creek-beds. Our land has a vast selection of hills, mountains, valleys, rock formations, meadows/fields, horse arenas/corrals, helipads, dirt roads/asphalt roads, trees, and livestock. We have paved and/or dirt access roads to just about every spot. Many areas can be cleared or built up as needed. We offer the perfect location for filming, photography, or any special event. Give us a call to scout sites on the ranch and/or to reserve your location!

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