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Need to Move Cameras, Lighting and Sound Equipment?

By: Packair | September 1, 2016

Need to Move Cameras, Lighting and Sound Equipment?

Calling all film productions, Packair Airfreight, Inc. & Packair Customs Brokers, Inc. are both here to take your production around the globe! We are experts in moving cameras, batteries, props, lighting and sound equipment! You name it, we've moved it! With our industry leading expertise, let our white glove service handle moving your cargo from A-to-Z so you can focus on creating your film or TV series!

We just moved huge Hollywood productions to and back from Cuba. Packair was among the first shippers to move cargo into and out of Cuba for major Hollywood productions. Packair's premium export services range from picking up your cargo, to repacking and custom crating, to screening and tendering to airline, receiving and transporting to final destination, Packair does it all under one roof. Don't forget to ask about our film dailies services! Don't just ship with 3PL's, ship with the source! Packair saves you valuable time and precious resources during your production process!

Packair takes saving customers' money seriously! In order to save on duties, we could issue carnets for your production equipment. A carnet is like a passport for your cargo. Read more about carnets here.

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At Packair, we have our own packing and crating department in-house, so we professionally pack your equipment, screen it and pass it through security and tender it to the airline. Our in-house TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility will process your cargo much faster than any other means. This means more efficiency, more savings, and less stress, all the while receiving updates from your dedicated Packair agent on your cargo, so you can focus on your production.

International Freight & Cargo Logistics Leaders Since 1973. Don't Just Ship It, Packair It!

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