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Need an industrial punk-tar saw for Avril Lavigne to rock out on?

By: Custom Movie Props | August 18, 2016

Need an industrial punk-tar saw to rock out on?

In 3 days???

We'll you wouldn't be the first. I'm Paul Pearson and I have run Hollywood's biggest prop fabrication houses, ISS & HPR. In 1989 I founded Prop'er Effects Inc. which morphed into Studio MFG Inc. We are prop makers and effects fabricators with top name clients from Star Trek to Red Bull. Only the best mold makers, propmakers, model builders, metal fabricators and electronic technicians work in my shop. We supply sculpted fiberglass to Disney, custom weapons to 24, electronic set dressing to Paramount and wild custom props to Batman.

We are open 7 days a week with no rush charges or overtime. Our crews have worked locations from the Yukon to Argentina and the south of France to the South Sulu Sea. Our people are prop builders and effects technicians by profession.

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