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The Solution You've Been Looking For When Hiding Those Pesky Little Microphones!

By: Wilcox Sound | August 15, 2016

The Solution you\'ve been looking for when hiding those pesky little mics!

Hide-A-Mic is a new and innovative tool designed to easily hide a Sanken COS-11 lavalier microphone under any piece of clothing. These microphone concealers were designed by Eric Leek, a Dutch sound engineer with 20 years of experience in field recording. After years of hiding microphones for series, feature films and numerous documentaries he got the idea for this handy set. So Hide-A-Mic is made for sound engineers by sound engineers.

The cage-like design allows for great sound quality. Unlike other microphone holders, these are very easy to apply. You just pick the right holder, put in place and you are ready to roll.

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There are 4 different style holders

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Bra-holder: The bra is generally a good place to hide a microphone, but it's always a hassle to place it. With the bra-holder you can avoid embarrassing moments. Just give the mic in the holder to the talent and she can apply it herself easily without damaging the bra.

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Shirt-holder: This holder is placed just above the button under a shirt. With the special design and strain relief, the mic will stay in its place and the sound will be perfect.

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Tie-holder: The tie-holders are the basis of Hide-a-mic. After watching the hit series "Suits" Eric thought a special tool to hide microphones in the knot of a tie could be very useful. You run the microphone from the back of the tie down through the knot. Then apply the holder and push it back in the knot. Easy and neatly.

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T-Shirt holder: This is the most versatile of them all. The very small design can be placed behind a seam of a t-shirt. It is also usable as a small tie-holder, in a scarf, with a stickie in a coat, etc. You can even put it in a small windjammer to protect it against the wind. The T-shirt holder is easy to apply and delivers good sound quality.

Available in 3 different colors : Black, White or Grey

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