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Industrial Videos: An Important Component for Advertising Upcoming Films

By: Mike Van Owen | September 15, 2011

When the studios prepare advertising budgets to herald their latest multi-million dollar extravaganza, an increasingly important line-item to include is the production of an industrial video. Used in this context, the industrial video falls somewhere between a commercial and a corporate video. The intent is to have a versatile media piece in which to showcase the soon-to-be blockbuster movie to a variety of intended audiences.

Making this type of video, for the most part, is not that much different than filming a standard commercial. More and more, studios are turning to Central Locations to provide filming locations for these projects. Recently, production companies contracting with the likes of DreamWorks, Disney, Nickelodeon and others have relied on Central Locations - very often on quick notice - to provide film-friendly, hassle-free locations for these types of shoots. Often producers of animated films will create an industrial video incorporating live action actors with the animated characters to instill a sense of familiarity and believability to the main characters. Filming at a practical location, such as a school or residence, adds to the feeling of 'realness' overall.

Although Central Locations generally provides quality film locations to production companies for the purpose of producing feature films, reality shows, commercials and music videos, productions with quick turnaround - such as industrial videos and still photography shoots - are very much welcomed.

Central Locations was established in 1996 and maintains a database of thousands of film locations, ranging from grungy warehouses to the highest-end real estate in Los Angeles County, and practically everything in between. Central Locations also provides venues for special events such as weddings, premier parties, product rollouts and other corporate events. Additionally, specialized location scouting and logistical services are offered by Central Locations.

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