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Flying Fingers Transcripts, Since 1999

By: Flying Fingers Transcripts | July 29, 2016

Flying Fingers Transcripts, Since 1999

OUR JOURNEY. In 1999, I started Flying Fingers Transcripts out of a need and a desire to build a business of my own. Within a few years, we emerged as leaders in the professional transcription field, offering our talents to film/TV studios and production companies, academics, corporations, and businesses of all sizes and in many fields.

As a business leader my personal goal has always been to remain hands-on with my clients and over the years this has lead to many long lasting relationships. I approach our service as an adjunct to the companies we work for, supporting them, so they can focus on more important areas of their business or career.

OUR TALENTED STAFF. I am fortunate to work with a talented group of transcribers who really love what they do and that reflects in the quality of our work. Together, we comprise a team of dedicated, hard-working individuals who along with a strong work ethic possess the skills it takes for even the most challenging jobs. Find out how THEY feel about working with Flying Fingers here.

OUR WEBSITE SAYS IT ALL. Check out the types of services we provide at:
Or call us at 818.557.0580. We'll be here when you need us.

"Renee has not only become a good friend, she's become a trusted partner. I've been going to her for years. Frankly I can't imagine writing a big feature without her. She takes care of the one part of reporting that I absolutely despise: Transcribing. Thank GOD this woman loves to do this for a living." -Lynette Rice Entertainment Weekly

"Renee runs a tremendous business. I call on her often because she is fast, kind, reliable, and flawless." -Lacey Rose The Hollywood Reporter

"We've been working with Flying Fingers for over a year now. They are professional, timely and great with customer service. I highly recommend them to any business in need of an outstanding transcription company." -TV Guide Network

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