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Hard-to-find picture vehicles at European Picture Vehicles

By: European Picture Vehicles | June 28, 2016

Hard-to-find picture vehicles at European Picture Vehicles

Michael Harper Smith loves strange cars and motorcycles. His diverse collection of hard-to-find vehicles includes buses, side cars, scooters, mopeds, limos and 3-wheelers from all over Europe, and he rents them out for film, commercials, videos and photo shoots. If you want to ensure that the cars you use are authentic to the location and time period, Michael also offers his expertise as a foreign vehicle consultant. This is not a broker service. All vehicles are owned by Michael. All of these vehicles are available for films, commercials, videos, fashion and glamour shoots as well as certain promotional events. Please note, however that these vehicles are NOT available for personal functions such as weddings, proms, bar mitzvahs, etc. All vehicles are in good running condition, but may only be operated by qualified drivers or persons selected by Michael.

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These vehicles cannot be repainted, although certain decals or stickers may be applied with prior permission. Vehicles must be returned in clean condition. There is also an airplane available for photoshoots and photography, a Piper Aztec located at Van Nuys airport in a private hangar.

Please contact Michael for more information.

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