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Step and Repeat LA Nails it with Custom Backdrop

By: Step and Repeat LA | June 27, 2016

Step and Repeat LA Nails it with Custom Backdrop

Stylish Nail Boutique - KandiLand - Celebrates Grand Opening!

Shadow Hills, CA - Step and Repeat LA is an independently-owned company that specializes in the creation of red carpet backdrops, which are better known in the entertainment industry as 'step and repeats'. A step and repeat backdrop is used as a photo op, and features an array of sponsor logos that have been laid out in a step or diagonal pattern. More recently, step and repeat backdrops have becoming increasingly popular amongst everyday consumers and are commonly seen at birthday parties, film premieres and grand openings.

Industry News ImageCelebrity Nail Designer Kandi Banks is the proud owner of LA's unique nail shop KandiLand. Known for competing on Oxygen's Nail'd It, Banks quickly became a fan favorite with her unique nail designs. Her growing clientele with celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Demi Lovato, Christina Milian, Brandy, and Lil' Kim has helped make her one of the most sought out nail designers across the West Coast.

Kandi held her grand opening of KandiLand on Melrose Ave. on April 2nd. The pink carpet event was a real treat, perfectly decorated with delicious sweets and candy-themed drinks for all. For the photo op, Step and Repeat LA fabricated a custom eight foot by eight foot Media Wall, complete with KandiLand's logo repeated in a step pattern throughout. Step and Repeat LA also provided the custom pink carpet to enhance the overall theme of the event.

Rachel Guerrero, a representative for Step and Repeat LA, had this to say, "We had so much fun with this job because of the fun colors! We work so often with traditional red carpet that it becomes a real treat for us to think outside the box and do something different. Overall, the event was a smash!"

Step and Repeat LA strives for 100% customer satisfaction by providing free design and layout of all banner artwork. They operate on a 24-hour production timeline, and for all pieces shipping across the country, they provide free ground shipping for all banner orders.

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