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Rent Professional Audio From An Industry Pro

By: Angelica Dewlow | September 14, 2011

For over 30 years, Location Sound Corp. has been a supplier of professional audio and communications solutions for film, video, broadcast, business, institutional and other recording applications. Our rental technicians, aside from being the friendliest and most helpful technicians in pro audio, have at least 13+ years under their belt, some having field experience. They know what you need (or don't need) and advise you on efficient ways to capture sound, reducing your rental expense as a result. We also have a dedicated on-call staff member ready to troubleshoot for you 365 days a year. Our response time is the best in the industry.

Take comfort in the knowing that every single component of your rental package is thoroughly pre-tested by our rental technicians and maintained for operational integrity by our in-house experts of microphone, RF and cable technicians. We also make sure all rental gear is cleaned before it gets to your hands. So count on us for all your professional audio needs.

About Location Sound Corp.

Since 1977, Location Sound Corp. has served the pro audio community with an unfailing commitment to offering unmatched technical support services before and after the sale. Call our seasoned audio experts in Sales, Rental and Service for wireless or wired microphone systems, mixers, recorders, walkies, headphones, and more.

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