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Know Reality Pie is so great that we want to keep it all to ourselves!

By: Know Reality Pie | May 13, 2016

Know Reality Pie is so great that we want to keep it all to ourselves!

In every food writer's life, there comes a moment when one must decide: to publicize or not to publicize. It's a hard call when you find an honest-to-goodness gem, but you don't want to risk messing it up by inviting the masses. Sure, you believe the little guys of the food world deserve more glory, but selfishly, you want to keep the small good places under wraps until someone else comes around and takes the proverbial lid off.

That's exactly how I feel about Know Reality Pie in Eagle Rock, a quirky little shop run by nice people who make some of the most delicious pies I've had in a long time. How delicious, you ask? So delicious that owner Tracy Ann DeVore won ribbons in three separate categories-fruit, nut, and crust-at last year's KCRW Good Food Pie Contest. And for that reason, I cannot in good conscience keep it to myself.

Order from our Specialty/Celebration Pie Menu, which will change monthly seasonally and/or by holidays.

On set deliveries are now available!

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