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Spekulor traveled the world!

By: Spekulor | March 9, 2016

Spekulor traveled the world!

We were able to work with incredible clients, produce our own projects and travel all around the world.
One of the incredible jobs we produced is the show called Culture Chic by ICON And ENDEMOL BEYOND.

We shot in four different countries - Japan, Korea, Thailand and USA in New York City. We spent 1 month of traveling,shooting fascinating & bizzare beauty, fashion and culture with the young, beautiful and creative YouTuber, Instagramer and blogger with 1.4m followers: Sonya Esman

The show contains of 39 episodes. With 13 travel episodes and 26 in studio chat episodes with some of the hottest fashion Youtubers around - You can watch the entire show for free on Go90.

Our talented crew consisted of Nathaniel Fu, DOP, Daniel Fisher, Operator and Editor, Phantida Chutima as coordinator and translator and Christopher Gosch as producer/director. This experienced crew worked together to bring some amazing shots to life with a tight schedule and budget. We had great experience working with local production crews where we have fun language barrier experience and hot and humid weather.

The main cameras used for this show are the Sony FS7 which give incredible beautiful image. We also had a great experience using the Sony A7S with a small handheld stabilizer that gave great results and was just the right size to get into places the larger camera couldn't . To top it off we took a small DJI Phantom 4K Drone with us to get some incredible aerials in some of the most interesting and exotic places on Earth. The Sony cameras performed incredibly well in low light situations and gave us great images in very demanding situations. We have these cameras available for rent on your next production with the latest Sony and Zeiss glass to go with them.

Check out some of our works from 2015.

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4.Feature Film: Cargo - Trailer coming soon
5.Bullet Proof Coffee - coming soon
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7.Alaskan Kings - Pilot -
8.RealTimes by Real Player -
9.iHeart Honda Theater - Live Concerts -

We have the cameras, G&E and Production Equipment available for rent with reasonable price. Weather you are producing a big or small budget. Spekulor Rentals has a package to fit your needs.

Also if you need our coproduction and production support give us a call to talk about your project. We have great teams available and ready to take your idea to completion.

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