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You're Going to Like These

By: Central Locations Inc. | March 2, 2016

You\'re Going to Like These

Fresh Locations for February!

Our little scoutlettes have been very busy now that the sun has come out and the days are getting longer. Check out some of the fresh locations they have shot below! Pilot season is upon us - there's something for every project, whether in this batch or in our vast inventory of amazing locations.

This Month's Featured Locations

File #3959
Industry News Image

120 acres of do whatever the heck you want (within reason). Need to blow something up? Stage an epic battle scene? Set up a Coachella-sized music festival or maybe a place to build a Westerntown or Iraqi Village? If you can permit and insure it, do it here! No neighbors within a mile and a half - totally flat property with good access roads. This scenic raw land is only 90 minutes from Hollywood.

File #4008
Industry News Image

Mulholland estate with unbelievable views.

File #3909
Industry News Image

Rooftop pool with magnificient views of DTLA.

File #1407
Industry News Image

Heli-pad atop a major downtown office building.

File #3919
Industry News Image

Splendid Pasadena Spanish villa.

File #4007
Industry News Image

Unique Beverly Hills mid-century mansion.

File #3988
Industry News Image

Film-friendly pharmacy on the westside.

Central Locations Inc.

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