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All-Tame Animals makes the Blacklist!

By: All-Tame Animals | February 26, 2016

All-Tame Animals makes the Blacklist!

New Yorks premiere animal handlers have completed work on the hit series "Blacklist".

The highly trained and talented Pomeranians Juliet & Princess both repeatedly worked with actor James Spader on the hit show "Blacklist" and are now available for your production.

All Tame Animals provides all types of animals for work in advertising, TV, film, commercials, print and live theater, as well as special events ranging from parades to cocktail parties.

We enjoy special challenges and have provided animals as diverse as exotics for "Mysteries of Laura" to Bear the Belgian Malinois for "Person of Interest", horses for fashion runways and music videos, cows for big city publicity events, leopards, lions and tigers for advertising, elephants for Hindu weddings, and skunks for movies. Whether it's a camel on live television or seven horses on stage at the Met, every job gets the benefit of our dedicated and experienced staff.

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