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Advantage Video Systems ANNOUNCEMENTS AT NAB 2016: FREE NAB PARTY LIST & FREE NAB Concierge Services & FREE PASSES

By: NAB 2016 | February 22, 2016

Advantage Video Systems ANNOUNCEMENTS AT NAB 2016: FREE NAB PARTY LIST & FREE NAB Concierge Services & FREE PASSES

AVS, a veteran exhibitor at NAB, is offering several valuable perks to NAB guests this year, starting with free NAB concierge services to the first 45 takers. The concierge service helps visitors "streamline" their day to save time and money.

"We know our way around the NAB, we've been coming for years," says founder Jeff Stansfield. "The concierge service helps you make the most out of NAB, in ways you wouldn't think of on your own."

The service includes arranged VIP meetings and tours with leading manufacturers. It also provides a custom report revealing when and where to find people you want to meet.

"It saves you from pushing through crowds and hunting for people," explains Stansfield.

Industry News ImageAnother notable perk offered by AVS is the NAB Party List, compiling times and locations of parties and events around the show. It has details for SuperMeet, AJA, VR Lounge, DRONE Events, and official NAB blowouts.

"It's a birdseye view of the party scene," says Stansfield. "It's a must-have that will make your nights fuller."

NAB attendees can grab a free NAB Party List before the show, by emailing

Also, for visitors who still need a pass to NAB or know someone who does, AVS is offering free show passes. These free passes can be accessed using the code LV7437 at the NAB registration site at

About AVS

AVS is known by NAB veterans as "not your typical integration company."

AVS tends to challenge the status quo in an industry that can sometimes be rigid and bureaucratic. "We don't have preconceived notions about how to help clients," explains Jeff Stansfield, founder of AVS. "Each case is different, and we do whatever it takes to help them be creative and competitive."

Stansfield says the company tagline "How can we make your day perfect?" is more than just a slogan. "It's about listening. We figure out what our client considers a 'win.' We empathize with them and share their goals on a gut level. People find that refreshing."

This likely explains why top broadcasters gravitate to AVS. The team has a decades-long specialization in broadcast equipment and systems. They have a reputation for engineering elegant solutions and installing ahead of schedule.

"We love what we do. We look forward to NAB, to meet with all kinds of potential partners, from individuals to established corporations," says Stansfield.

AVS' booth number is #SL15718. Attendees who show up early may be among the "fortunate 45" to receive free NAB concierge services this year.

The NAB Show is the world's largest digital media industry event attended by leading media, entertainment and communications professionals who share a passion for the next generation of video and audio content across multiple platforms - from television, radios and computers to phones, the big screen and beyond.

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