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By: Eric Nichols | August 24, 2011

Pacific Production Services, Inc. (PPS), a full service Film Permit-Expediting Agency serving Southern California and beyond, is pleased to introduce its sister company, Pacific Traffic Control, Inc. (PTC).

PTC offers a wide variety of traffic control services for your production or special event, featuring barricades, cones, signs from our signage shop, arrow boards, and changeable electronic message boards. PTC provides experienced personnel to ensure the safest lane, road, and freeway closures. For added convenience, PTC offers sales, rentals, and service of equipment.

In addition, PTC has partnered with M.L. Kishigo, a leader in high-visibility work wear for more than 30 years, to offer our customers the very finest quality high-visibility vests and apparel - a true convenience for complying with OSHA requirements and for maintaining the highest level of safety for your people. Simply order and we'll bring them to your traffic-control venue.

PTC is located at:
Pacific Traffic Control, Inc.
1481 East 4th St.
Los Angeles CA 90033
Fax: 323-981-0779


Pacific Traffic Control, Inc., a sister company of Pacific Production Services, employs an experienced staff to maintain the highest possible safety protocols in the delivery of their traffic control services. In addition to standard traffic control needs, PTC specializes in traffic control for entertainment productions as well as special events.


For more than 22 years location managers everywhere have trusted the experts at Pacific Production Services, Inc. to take the worry and needless expense out of every facet of Film Permitting. From basic permits to community signatures and notifications, "no parking" signage, police and fire, barricades, and even scout or location manager referrals - the expert staff at PPS knows every facet of the business, and ensures that clients meet and exceed their goals on time, every time.

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