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Collins Visual Media Kicks Off 2016 with High-Profile Creations

By: Collins Visual Media | January 12, 2016

Collins Visual Media Kicks Off 2016 with High-Profile Creations

Two Nationwide Commercials Feature Work Created by Collins Visual Media!

Collins Visual Media, the design firm with over 30 years in the business, started the new year off in high gear - producing custom artwork and design products for two major American businesses - Subway and CarMax.

The newly launched CarMax commercial features a high-energy woman looking to trade her old and out-dated vehicle in to the dealership for some cold hard cash. Being that her sporty red roadster is, and to quote, a "90's head-turner", the car comes complete with an oversized image of an eagle, spread across the hood, soaring over a majestic mountain range.

To ensure the graphic appeared as though it were airbrushed onto the hood of the car, the crew at Collins Visual Media printed the image onto vehicle wrap vinyl. The team color-matched the red exterior of the car for certain portions of the image, as well. The real challenge: working around the hood's unique contour design in order to achieve a flawless application. Fortunately, the experienced team at Collins Visual Media completed the job in a timely matter, delivering a camera-ready vehicle that was sure to impress.

For the Subway commercial, Collins Visual Media produced various wall coverings and a hand-crafted wooden sign that read "Pete's Super Submarines". Each art piece - which also included dated menu boards and faux 70's-era tile - helped to tell the story of the sandwich company's history.

Both commercials premiered December 28th, 2015, via television broadcast and various social media outlets. 818 686-6581

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