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Reporting From the Frontlines of the Entertainment Business

By: Damian Bazadona | November 12, 2015

Reporting From the Frontlines of the Entertainment Business

The entertainment business is booming. Rapid change through all facets of the business presents the opportunity to build amazing careers. I often meet people who are considering joining the world of entertainment from other fields and people regularly ask for my advice to understand what life is like in the business. While I have my fair share of opinions, I'm only one voice.
When I searched online for industry career research, the results I found were "horrible boss" stories or gripes/praise about the Entourage movie--not the helpful insights I was seeking to share with others. So I resolved to make my own research.

I gathered anonymous feedback from roughly 500 folks (493 to be exact) currently working on the business side of entertainment in theatre, television, film, live music, attractions, and arts and cultural institutions. The responses were a well-balanced blend of male (44%) and female (56%), with a near-even split between age groups--47% over age 35 and 53% under age 35. Respondents had no direct incentive to complete the survey and their responses were completely confidential via an online form.

I analyzed the data across two primary comparisons--gender and age (over or under 35)--to answer the common inquiries I hear about working in the entertainment business: background, work/life balance, daily grind, and overall outlook about the future.

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