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Dumpstars Los Angeles Expands

By: Bobby Miller | August 10, 2011

Dumpstars Los Angeles announced today a doubling of its Los Angeles fleet to twenty mobile dumpsters. Demand for the Los Angeles dumpster business has been such that the company bought forward plans to expand.

"Demand for our dumpsters has been significantly stronger than we expected," said Bobby Miller, the director of Dumpstars Los Angeles. "We anticipated strong uptake of our dumpsters, but we underestimated the speed with which the market would respond."
Dumpstars provides unique trailer mounted dumpsters LA County-wide. With 3 yard, 4 yard, and 6 yard dumpsters available throughout LA County, small to medium size commercial and residential trash hauling jobs are ideally suited to the Dumpstars product.

"Initially," said Miller, "we concentrated on servicing West Los Angeles' waste requirements, but interest has come from all parts of LA County, with a significant amount of business from the San Fernando Valley."

"From a Los Angeles waste disposal perspective, we are ideally placed. Dumpsters Los Angeles-wide can be problematic, because effectively the waste industry is a subset of the transport industry. So at specific times of the day moving dumpster trucks around LA has significant traffic related challenges."

Dumpstars have a unique solution. By setting up multiple locations around big cities, transport is limited to local areas, saving significant time and energy.

"In designing our dumpster delivery methods," Miller explained, "we were particularly conscious of minimizing our energy expenditure. Because we use standard pick-ups to move our dumpsters we use less fuel that traditional heavy-haul trucks, and because our depots are located closer to our customers, we don't travel as far. It saves fuel, and it saves energy, minimizing our environmental impact, and the energy saving lowers our costs, which translates into savings for our customers."

The Dumpstars solution is innovative. Most dumpster trucks are constructed to carry heavy construction waste such as bricks, rubble, or concrete, despite the fact that most dumpsters are filled with light waste.

"Dumpster trucks are over-engineered for most of the waste they collect," said Miller. "Most dumpsters aren't full of heavy waste, so we decided to leave heavy waste aside and look at what we would need to collect light waste only. The Dumpstars mobile dumpster is our answer."

The company plans to open a location in the San Fernando Valley in July, with further locations following later in 2011.

"Our model is complete coverage of both LA County and Orange County by the end of 2012." said Miller. And with the rapid growth of Dumpstars in Los Angeles, this realization may well occur much sooner.

About Dumpstars:
Dumpstars dumpsters are available for rental in all suburbs of the City of Los Angeles and surrounding cities in Los Angeles County.

They are less expensive. Our bins allow us to transport and dispose of waste at a lower cost, which means that our dumpsters cost less to rent. As they are road-registered vehicles, they don't generally require a permit. All of the DumpStars dumpsters have lockable lids, so no unauthorised filling occurs. Our dumpsters can be moved around or between worksites, meaning the dumpster can be moved to the trash, rather than the trash to the dumpster.

Dumpstars dumpster rental can be used for trash removal, junk removal, Strike Support, contractor debris removal, garage clean outs, post party trash removal, spring cleans, yard waste removal and much more.

Call us to talk to a Dumpstars dumpsters professional about your job today at:
888.818.6488 - Toll Free
310.745.3607 - Local

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