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Yedlin Joins ASC

By: The American Society of Cinematography | November 2,2015

Yedlin Joins ASC

The ASC has welcomed cinematographer Steve Yedlin into the ranks of active members.

Yedlin is currently prepping Star Wars Episode VIII with director Rian Johnson, a longtime friend and previous collaborator on the films Brick (AC May '05), Brothers Bloom and Looper (AC Oct. '12).

His feature credits also include San Andreas, Danny Collins, Girl Most Likely, The Other Woman, Conversations with Other Women and May.

When he isn't shooting, Yedlin researches some of the finer nuances of image science, and he has spent 10 years developing custom methods for the mathematical modeling of photochemical processes in order to better emulate traditional film response when using digital acquisition. "I've been learning what I can about color science to try to improve my photography for as long as I've shot digital, and the practical application of these studies has gone from very primitive to quite advanced," he says. Last summer, he shot a seven-minute demo that illuminates his findings, and he will present it publicly for the first time at Camerimage on Nov. 15.

Yedlin also serves as a lecturer at the American Film Institute.

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