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Step and Repeat LA Produced a Media Wall for the US China Film and Television International Expo!

By: Step and Repeat LA | October 19, 2015

Step and Repeat LA Produced a Media Wall for the US China Film and Television International Expo!

International film expo unites China and the United States on the platform of film and television to build professional relationships for trade, exchange, training and cooperation!

Step and Repeat LA is an independently owned print shop located in the equestrian valley of Shadow Hills that specializes in red carpet events and setups. They pride themselves on offering the highest quality products for an array of clientele, each with his or her own unique needs and goals.

Now, Step and Repeat LA was thrilled to join forces with the Los Angeles Convention Center to help bring to life the 2nd annual UCFTI Expo, a platform that aims to strengthen the relationship between Hollywood and China, a nation who is commonly under-represented in the film industry.

To give this event a one-of-a-kind appeal, Step and Repeat LA produced an 8' high by 32' wide media wall. Much like a traditional step and repeat, the media wall featured an array of sponsor logos, including the evening's biggest sponsor, Variety. However, unlike traditional step and repeats, the wall was constructed using a series of 4' wide by 8' high wooden panels. Held up by a sturdy A-frame design, the finished wall displayed the beautiful, seamless step and repeat print.

"Media walls are the highest quality product on the market today," said Rachel Guerrero, a representative of Step and Repeat LA. "If ones budget can permit such a construction, we always recommend going this route! They're seamless, sturdy, and as anyone who's ever purchased a media wall will tell you, they are 100% impressive!"

The UCFTI Expo showcases the best equipment, hardware, software and service providers from both U.S. and China. The UCFTI Expo occurs annually at the Los Angeles Convention Center, a short drive from Hollywood, making it the premier event for cross promoting film and television-related consumables from U.S. and China. This year's event took place on September 28th and 29th.

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