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It Was Definitely a Snake Filled Summer on Local Sets!

By: Jules Sylvester's Reptile Rentals, Inc. | October 1, 2015

It Was Definitely a Snake Filled Summer on Local Sets!

Jules Sylvester of Reptile Rentals Inc. and his location snake catchers had a very busy summer catching and safely relocating approximately 30 rattlesnakes and 20 gopher snakes on multiple film and television sets. After 46 years of supplying reptiles and bugs to the industry, Jules is still passionate about what he does every single day, especially now that it has become a family affair. His two sons, Justin and Jonny are also trained "snakeologists" and have been working diligently on their own sets this year. Jules has also happily welcomed back his side kick, Marco Solis who who has been away on location for 5 months working behind the scenes as a wildlife consultant on the latest "Survivor" series.

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"Just some of the snakes caught this summer"

With the warm weather still in full swing, remember "safety first" and call Jules at Reptile Rentals Inc., 818-621-4101 to keep your sets safe. Jules' motto: "Everybody goes home alive" (including the snakes!)

Jules Sylvester

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