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The company behind building the Helicopter "JW001" used in Jurassic World

By: Scroggins Aviation Mockup & Effects | August 19, 2015

The company behind building the Helicopter "JW001" used in Jurassic World

Scroggins Aviation Mockup & Effects, a Las Vegas, Nevada based company, was called upon by Universal Pictures to provide a helicopter for their film Jurassic World.

Douglas Scroggins, president of the company, was pleased to take on this challenging yet rewarding project for the studio. Scroggins comes from an aviation and production background, so different studios call on him and his company for technical accuracy to mimic actual aircraft. When flying a real aircraft doesn't fit in the budget, or could pose a safety risk, Scroggins' mock-up & effects talent come in handy.
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"No one in their right mind is going to use a real helicopter on a gimbal, because accidents happen and will be very expensive. Production generally won't do it, it's just too risky, so they rely on companies like us with an experienced team of fabricators to build the mockup for them," said Scroggins. "It's a team effort. Everyone that works in my shop brings something unique to the table, and that's, I think, where we set ourselves apart from the rest, because we're just not a rental company, we are a mockup and effects company."

Scroggins located the hard to find Eurocopter EC-130 model helicopter the studio wanted but this EC-130 was involved in a landing accident and missing lots of parts. More on the Jurassic World helicopter build can be read on - Vertical Magazine:

Watch Scroggins' work in Jurassic World and Terminator Genisys, now playing in theaters, and in upcoming movies including Captain America: Civil War (May 2016) and Independence Day: Resurgence (June 2016).

About Scroggins Aviation Mockups & Effects:
With nearly 25 years of experience in the aviation field of supplying support and services to the commercial airline industry, Scroggins Aviation and its highly experienced team of fabricators and effects technicians have built a company that is now becoming the leading supplier to the motion picture and television industry. The company offers a variety of commercial aircraft small & large, cockpits, cabin interiors, helicopters and corporate aircraft sections. It also builds to your specifications on location anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Contact and Location:

Corporate office:
Scroggins Aviation Mockup & Effects
5025 West Diablo Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118
702.776.8363 main
702.508.9123 fax

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