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By: Sussan Sharifian | July 15, 2011

At Packair, the focus of our attention has always been our clients and how to provide them with the best possible service. But, on March 11, 2011, when an 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck Japan and triggered a powerful tsunami, unleashing heartbreaking devastation and tragedy in its wake, we knew it was our duty to put business aside and lend some help to our friends across the Pacific.

That's why recently Packair and a group of local community volunteers gathered in Torrance, CA as part of a joint effort to pack and ship meals to Japan. What turned out to be a simple call to action to send aid, resulted in over 500 volunteers joining us and 106,920 meals being packed and shipped to starving people in Japan, most of whom were children.

Moments like these serve as simple reminders that people come first. At Packair, we know this very well, because our clients always come first. And while we will continue to remain dedicated to our clients and the business of serving their shipping needs, we are also committed to lending a helping hand when the world needs one.

About Customs Brokers Inc. / Packair Airfreight, Inc.
Thanks to our high standard of care in our deliveries, we have built a long lasting relationship with numerous high profile clients. Due to the nature of our business, we provide a vital link for total transportation logistics with in-house customs clearance, and heavy freight services. What sets Packair apart, is our ability to excel on our services. We are the freight forwarder of choice for many Hollywood studios. We have been performing this service for over 30 years, and our individual customer representatives have experience in clearing and acquiring permits from the U.S. State Departments for over 36 years. We are also experienced in the export and import of sensitive materials for clients such as St Logistics Group, Alliant Techsystems, JPL/NASA, CalTech, and MIT to name a few. For more info, visit

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