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Available for filming... "Kill Bill Church"

By: Richard Gonzales | August 11, 2015

Available for filming... "Kill Bill Church"

The "Kill Bill Church" also known as The Sanctuary Adventist Church, which up until recently was known as the Calvary Baptist Church, was used by Quentin Tarentino as the site of the wedding day massacre in his two-part action flick. The lone Joshua tree that stands in front of it gives the church a very picturesque, very cinematic feel. The architecture is certainly old Spanish style and a replica of a real mission in Southern California. The church offers two parking lots, restrooms (m/w), shower, the roof is a bowstring truss and the wood is visible, also wooden floors are throughout the first floor. Any photographs of the inside and outside of the church are prohibited, only to be taken with expressed permission from the management. You can call Richard Gonzales, Sr. publication manager, to schedule a tour of the "Kill Bill Church", Sunday thru Friday at (661) 727-3794

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