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Rockin' Out With Step And Repeat LA

By: Step and Repeat LA | August 4, 2015

Rockin\' Out With Step And Repeat LA

Step and Repeat LA produced the red carpet setup for 'Heart of Storm' rock ballet premiere in Los Angeles

Step and Repeat LA has produced many backdrops and red carpet setups for various events all over the country; everything from movie premieres to birthday parties - no job is too big or too small. Recently, Step and Repeat LA was thrilled to help welcome the epic new rock ballet, 'Heart of Storm,' to Los Angeles.

'Heart of Storm' is a sonic and visual performance that fuses Russian ballet with live, symphonic rock. The show's concept inherits the tradition of classical ballet while making bold new steps into live, emotional interaction of the finest rock musicians and contemporary dancers. A beautiful and artistic blend of love and death, the short tumultuous story of a young major named Storm will take you to the depths of the labyrinth of life. 'Heart of Storm' provides the audience members the ultimate escape and freedom of creativity. Guitarist Doug Aldrich said, "Most everything that I've been involved in has been just a concert situation but this-this is a complete hybrid of an art-of ballet, that maybe gets not enough attention."
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For the opening, Step and Repeat LA provided an 8' x 16' media wall. The wall was constructed of a series of 4' wood panels that came together to create the full 16' length. Afterwards, a seamless fabric print was applied, featuring a beautiful art piece to serve as a focal point for the evening's social festivities.

'Heart of Storm' premiered at The Orpheum Theatre at 842 S. Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles and ran for two nights: July 24th and 25th. The show was free, but all donated proceeds will go to Jay Nolan Community Services, a non-profit organization assisting children and adults who have Autism and other developmental disabilities.

Step and Repeat LA is a one-stop shop for event planners, providing high-quality step and repeat backdrops and red carpets for many events around the U.S. A step and repeat is a backdrop display that has one or more sponsor logos repeated in a step or diagonal alternating pattern. It is used for photo opportunities. Step and Repeat LA offers free ground shipping and can ship within 24 hours of approval of artwork.

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