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STAR K9 finishes work on Mastodon music video.

By: STAR K9 | July 20, 2015

STAR K9 finishes work on Mastodon music video.

We worked with STAR K9 on a music video for Mastodon.

Skye the cat was the star of the video in a world full of puppets. When we first saw her audition we knew she was the one for the part. Skye had a great attitude and was very friendly. She came in and hit every mark we needed her to during rehearsals. On the first day of the shoot she was brought in by STAR K9's Trace and Jenn. We would explain to them each shot and how Skye would interact in the scene. Then they would get Skye into position, we called action, and Skye would do her thing. They had already rehearsed the shots with Skye so she hit her mark every time. That gave us time to get what we needed and have multiple shots to use in the edit. When we got Skye on set with the puppets she responded to them quickly. Within 5 minutes she was at ease with the puppets and was rubbing herself on the puppets which made for some great shots. I was really impressed with Trace's knowledge on how to get Skye to do more complicated scenes. There were a few scenes where we had to take Skye outside in an open area and Skye was incredible. Working with STAR K9 was an amazing experience. I was always told animals were hard to work with, but working with STAR K9 I would have to disagree.

Video Rahim, Director

Mastodon - Asleep In The Deep [Official Music Video]

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